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Corporate Security AB builds mobile shooting ranges that are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. Since 1994, the company has been active in the design and manufacturing of shooting lanes, as well as target devices. Corporate Security AB mobile shooting range SAFE RANGE is available in two different configurations; a military classed shooting range that can be equipped with a breach door (forced entry), 3D targets and laser simulator for military and police decision-making training. There is also a simpler version for which the target group is security companies and arms dealers who needs access to a mobile shooting range.


Safe Range is built in a 50 feet container (high cube). The entire container is covered in Hardox 450 steel, making it completely bulletproof. This means that the shooting range has ”no blue sky”, which makes the shooting range a safe, closed environment. The Safe Range is equipped with 3 electric retrievers, which allows the shooter to easily reach his goal or adjust the shooting distance. The ventilation is specially adapted for this type of operation and has both prefilter and a coal filter for the best working environment. The entire container is covered with ballistic rubber, which makes the risk of ricochets negligible.

mobile shooting ranges


Number of shooting places: 3 slots plus instructor

Caliber: One-handed gun / revolver 22 to 50AE, rifle and carbin up to 7.62X51 Nato

Electric target retriver: 3 pieces

Ventilation: Topvex TR03 HWL-L-CAV

Bullet trap: Type Venetian

Ballistic rubber shield: Para natural rubber 12mm




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